Thumb Guards: A Success Story in Breaking Habits

We know from first-hand experience that helping children break thumb sucking and other habits, can be a challenging task for parents and caregivers. However, several years ago, we created a solution for our son, and ultimately thousands of other families, in the form of our fabric thumb guards and finger guards.

Although originally created to offer an effective way to deter thumb-sucking habits, our buyers soon began reporting successes using our products to end other habits, such as nail-biting and skin-picking too.  In this blog post, we share some of this feedback, whether related to thumb-sucking or other behaviours, in the hope that it will be an encouragement to all who are seeking solutions.


Hand Biting:

Lauren, a caregiver, discovered our thumb guards while she was searching for a way to protect the hands of her young client. As a sensory response the child had begun biting herself, so Lauren contacted us requesting that we add extra padding to the hand area of her thumb-guards, to help protect the child’s skin from injury and breakdown.  Soon after receiving them, Lauren reported that not only did our products fulfil their purpose but they were a comfortable fit for the little one too. Lauren commended the durability of the fabrics we use as well as the cuteness of the thumb guards.

Shari's grandson has cerebral palsy and constantly chewed on his knuckles, causing persistent irritation. Shari tried various solutions but found relief with the fabric thumb guard. Not only did it protect the knuckles, but it also allowed them to heal. For caregivers of children with special needs, the thumb guards have proven to be a game-changer, offering relief and aiding skin healing.


Skin Picking

Mark began using our thumb guards when his skin picking habit had become noticeable to others. His thumbs were often sore and inflamed around the nails, and he had twice developed infections that had led to him needing hospital treatment as a result of his habit. Just a month after receiving the guards he informed us that he had stopped picking at his skin and for the first time in years he did not feel embarrassed to show his hands in public. 

Becki had a similar habit. The skin around her nails was broken and dry from her excessive picking and biting. On occasions she had even caused her thumbs to bleed. It was only when she tried to make an appointment for a manicure and the nail specialist refused due to the condition of her thumbs and fingers, that she made the decision to stop. Within weeks she reported that her habit was under control and that she had finally been able to enjoy that manicure.


Fast Results:

Natalie shared her daughter's journey of quitting thumb-sucking, a habit that had persisted for some time and had become challenging to break. She reported that her daughter stopped thumb-sucking within a week of using the thumb guard, demonstrating the effectiveness of the product.

Keori reported that their son had sucked his fingers on both hands since birth, but after wearing his finger- guards every day for 3 weeks straight, he had not sucked his fingers since!  

Irene was pleased with the quality of the gloves she received for her 2-year-old. Her daughter’s habit had become so persistent it was interfering with her play and development. After just 5 days of wearing the gloves, Irene noticed the gloves helped reduce her little one’s thumb sucking during the day. She ended up buying two more pairs with the additional, longer cuffs because they were a little more difficult to remove and she found it useful having several pairs for indoor, outdoor and bedtime use for hygienic reasons.

Nail Biting:

Ben's nail biting habit had begun to affect his ability to carry out many tasks. He was biting his nails so short, while watching tv at night, that his fingers were often painful and had become swollen at the tips. We made a pair of finger guards to cover all his fingers and within a few weeks he realised he was no longer biting.

Adult sizes

Brenda reached out to us having had been secretly sucking her thumb for years. She asked if we could make her some adult sized guards to help her get on top of her habit once and for all. 

Sara had a similar issue, she was a secret thumb sucker, but with her wedding day approaching she had begun searching for a solution. With the help of our guards, she managed to end the habit without her new husband ever discovering it existed.

Kate had lost the end of her thumb in a work accident. She began using our guards to cover the wound as it healed and spare her some of the comments as she came to terms with the permanent damage she had suffered.  


These success stories reflect the positive impact of fabric thumb guards in helping children and adults break habits like thumb-sucking, biting, or chewing. The combination of practicality, durability, and aesthetic appeal has made these thumb guards a favourite among older users, caregivers and parents alike. Success stories like these remind us that with the right tools and support, breaking habits is not only possible but can also be a positive journey of growth and healing. 


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