Washing your thumb guards? - Keep it cool


What's the best way to wash thumb guards?

Our fabric thumb guards and finger guards are easy to keep clean and will dry quickly when hung outside on a line or inside on an airer. For the best results, we recommend hand washing at low temperatures using a detergent designed for cool or hand hot water. There are several reasons for this.

Why a cool wash?

  • Many stains do not respond well to water that is on the warmer or hot side. Hot water can cause some stains to set into the fabric during the wash. Blood and sweat for example are common stains you might find on a thumb guard. This is because thumb-sucking can cause the skin to crack and bleed. A hot wash is likely to make stains from blood or sweat set in the fabric. A cold wash, on the other hand, can remove such stains effectively.
  • Hot water can cause fabrics to fade, particularly where frequent washing is required. As it is likely you will need to wash your thumb guards regularly, hot water could quickly make the colors appear tired. This may reduce the likelihood of your child wanting to wear the guard.
  • Hot water can also shrink and wrinkle fabrics. This will affect the fit of the thumb guard or finger guard making it uncomfortable to wear.
  • The fastenings we use on our thumb guards and finger guards do not respond well to heat. Heat can cause snaps or hook-and-loop tapes to lose their ability to fasten correctly. As such, we also do not recommend ironing the thumb guards or drying them in a tumble dryer.

Great for your purse and the environment

Washing by hand or machine at low temperatures is a fast and efficient method of laundering thumb guards. It is also worth noting that washing at lower temperatures saves energy, saves you money, and helps the environment.

If you do decide to wash your thumb guards in the washing machine you should therefore be certain it is set to cold wash. Again, using a cold water detergent will enhance results.

 Laundry bags

If you are washing your thumb guard with other garments, it is recommended to place your guards in a small laundry bag first. This is particularly important if your guards have a hook and loop fastening because hook and loop tape can attach to other clothing items and cause them to snag.

 Fast drying

Our thumb guards are made using fast-drying fabrics and we use moisture-resistant, breathable lining fabrics too. We would expect that when drying outside, your guards would be completely dry within two hours.

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