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Thumb Guards - The ultimate beginners guide

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Thumb Guards

Whether it be for a child or an adult, we help you create the thumb guards to meet their needs here. Thumb guards are an ideal choice for children and adults who need help to stop thumb sucking or skin biting/picking around the thumb nail.

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Finger Guards

Whether it be for a child or an adult, we help you create the finger guards to meet their needs here. Our standard finger guards cover two fingers. Please contact us if you require a guard that covers more than two fingers, or even a guard that covers less.

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Combined Thumb & Finger Guards

Whether you need a guard for a child or an adult, we help you create the combined thumb and finger guard to meet their needs here. These guards are suitable for children and adults who suck both their thumb and finger and for those who need help to stop skin picking or nail-biting.

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Cuffed Guards for babies, toddlers and special needs

We designed these guards in 2021 to help parents protect their baby's skin when sucking blisters or sores and dry skin from thumb sucking are causing problems for their little ones. Although we cannot guarantee babies will keep any thumb or finger guard on, product testing has shown that these guards are much harder for little ones to simply pull off. Cuffed guards are suitable for wearers with special needs who might otherwise pull the guards off easily.

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Bespoke Guards

If you don't see the style of guard you are looking for,

or you have specific requirements or requests,

please contact us.

We are always happy to help where we can.

Regards, Jayne

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Jan 06, 2022

Fabulous products, very well made and comfortable for my child. These have really helped him stop thumb sucking after the dentist warned us he was developing an overbite. Thank you for the helpful and prompt service too.

Mr S


Jan 06, 2022

So glad to see the option to add a review has now been added today. These cuffed thumb guards are a real game-changer. I have tried other thumb guards but my little one just pulled them off like socks. Not this guard though. Thank you.



Jan 06, 2022

5 out of 5 stars
These have been super helpful! have bought these for friends!



July 04, 2022

I would definitely buy this again. It really works