The Great Cover-Up

Thumb and finger sucking habits vary from child to child, with some having a preference for the thumb, while others may suck as many as four fingers simultaneously. For this reason, we have created a variety of different products to help deter children from their habits.

All the guards work in the same way. They are a visual reminder not to suck the thumb or fingers. They also form a  physical barrier, breaking the seal between the digit and the roof of the mouth when children attempt to suck. Breaking the seal reduces the sensation enjoyed during thumb or finger sucking. But what are the differences? Let’s take a look.

Thumb Guards

Thumb guards cover the thumb only, with the straps wrapping around the lower portion of the hand and the wrist. They then fasten at the back of the hand. We offer thumb guards in sizes to suit all ages, and we offer a choice of fastening. The fastening options are snap, button, or Velcro. Although we make thumb guards for the left or right hand, they can be worn on either hand if needed.

On request, we also offer a variant of the thumb guard. This guard has an open end to the thumb pouch so that the thumb tip remains exposed. As this guard allows thumb sucking to continue, it is usually only worn by little ones who need to protect the skin at the base of the thumb.

Finger Guards

We make finger guards cover any combination of fingers. In most cases, buyers request that the guards protect two adjacent fingers. However, whether you require protection for one finger or all four, finger guards are very effective at helping children break sucking habits.

Finger guards fasten around the wrist only and are also available in the three fastening options.

Combined Guards

Combined guards offer covering for children who suck both their thumb and at least the index finger. They are also ideal for children who have developed sore skin between the thumb and index finger. If you require a combined guard covering the thumb and more than one finger, attach a note to your order, or send us an email stating your requirements, and we will do the rest.

Baby Guards with cuff extension

Although our thumb guards and finger guards are not restraints that children cannot remove, we understand that keeping guards on can be difficult for babies. It is not usually necessary for babies to wear thumb guards or finger guards. However, there are some exceptions to the rule. When babies have an infection, a sore, or a sucking blister, it is crucial to protect the skin to allow healing.

Not all babies pull off the guards. Many do not mind wearing them at all. However, for those that do quickly remove them,  our cuffed baby guards offer a solution. The cuff extension is sewn firmly onto the thumb or finger guard. It fastens around the arm beneath the wrist and provides extra resistance when children attempt to pull on the thumb or finger guard.

 The cuff extension has a Velcro fastening to allow adjustment. Wearing the cuff beneath clothing increases its ability to keep the guard in place. While we do not guarantee little ones will not remove the guards, feedback from testers has been positive, with even older children stating that the guards are difficult to remove.

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